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Fibreclay planters in demand

07 February 2009

Faux Lead Firbreclay Chelsea Trough.
As spring approaches, gardeners pay particular attention to planting. Our faux lead fibreclay pots look set to be the containers of choice this season, along with traditional cast iron urns.

Although we are only at the start of February, we have already noticed a significant spike in demand for every style of fibreclay planter. Cast in the Chelsea fashion these are available as boxes or troughs.

Our fibreclay Chelsea boxes range in size from 27cm to 65cm
. The smallest three - 27cm, 32cm
and 38cm - are available as a set, discounted to £65.

The fibreclay Chelsea Troughs range from 50cm to 100cm, starting at just £13.

The largest in either style of the fibreclay planters prove particularly popular with topiary specialists given the size of plant they can accommodate.

Fibreclay is an innovative material. Whilst it has an appearance close to lead and is very rigid, it is lighter in weight – allowing for the manufacture of more manageable planters.

It is also extremely environmentally friendly, being produced from the waste product of paper mills and requiring only 10% of the resources needed from traditional planters.

Also currently in demand are Venetian cast irons urn. A cast iron urn is available for any requirement given the diversity of our range, which we will be looking at in more detail in the near future.

Garden Planter & Urn Ranges Grow

06 January 2009

Faux Lead Fibreclay Chelsea Trough.
Whilst there is a significant spike in interest in the Spring, the garden planter and cast iron urn market now tends to be popular all year round. To meet demand we are continually developing our range of cast iron garden urns, cast iron garden planters, fibreclay garden pots and fibreclay planters.

Despite being a new addition, perhaps the most popular amongst our customers in 2008 were the Faux Lead Fibreclay Troughs and Faux Lead Fibreclay Boxes, cast in the Chelsea style. These are supplied in a variety of sizes.

The largest of the models - the 100cm Fibreclay Trough and 65cm Fibreclay Box Planter – proved most in demand as they are not always widely available.

Our cast iron urns appeal more to customers with a traditional, reclamation style focus. The number of models we carry in stock means that we carry a cast iron urn for every planting requirement.

Our smallest stands at just 20cm, whilst our current largest is 1.95m. The latter are Giant Campana Urns on Plinths that we commissioned last autumn. Other styles include smooth, fluted and Venetian Urns.

For customers looking for something a bit different, we offer Lattice cast iron planters in various sizes and finishes. Our Large Antique White Lattice Planter stands out most from the crowd.

Other garden planters and garden pots include Faux Lead Fibreglass Pots and Silver Zinc Planters. The Silver Zinc planters are increasingly used for indoor planting.

Christmas offerings from Round Wood Trading

15 December 2008

Shameless Nude; hand cast and hand finished in cast iron.
Don't panic - there are still enough shopping days left with RW Trading! As long as you order by 12pm on 23rd Dec, we can guarantee pre-Christmas delivery for every item in our range including cast iron statues, garden benches, urns, fibreclay planters, Terracotta Warriors and Easter Island Heads.

As you will find by browsing this site, we have a wide variety of unique gifts for those with a more discerning taste.

Many of these retail at lower than £20, including cast iron doormats, faux lead planters and cast iron pots and urns.

We are also running Christmas promotions on a few unusual items we see as ideal Christmas gifts. To get our festive discount on any of the below items just give us a call on 01435 860888 and quote: 'JINGLE BELLS' when ordering!

Click on products for information:

Cast Iron Gothic Bench
Was: £530 - Offer Price: £400
With FREE National Delivery

Cast Iron Shameless Nude
Was: £330 - Offer Price: £300
With FREE National Delivery

Cast Iron Solar Flare Doormat
Was: £20 - Offer Price: £15
£10 National Delivery

Cast Iron 32cm Smooth Swirl Urn
Was: £12 - Offer Price: £10
£10 National Delivery

Fibreclay 80cm Trough
Was: £55 - Offer Price: £50
£14 National Delivery

Giant Easter Island Heads
Was: £300 - Offer Price: £225
£40 National Delivery

New Planters Available

01 July 2008

Faux Lead Firbreclay Chelsea Trough.
The Round Wood Collection of Home and Garden features now includes a new range of attractive contemporary planters and plant pots in a variety of durable materials, including the extremely environmentally friendly fibreclay.

Eco-friendly fibreclay planters are produced via an innovative and patented process that uses the waste material from pulp mills. The energy used in the production of fibreclay planters is only 10% of that for other home and garden planters.

The result is a completely natural and relatively lightweight material that lends itself particularly well to Faux Lead planters, such as the Fibreclay Chelsea Box and Fibreclay Chelsea Box.

Our Fibreclay Chelsea Boxes and Troughs come in variety of sizes that we are gradually adding to our site. For other potential sizes of our fibreclay planters, do not hesitate to contact us.

Another increasingly popular medium for planters and plant pots is Fibreglass or GRP, (Glass Reinforced Plastic). Whilst these Fibreglass planters are also extremely durable, they have the added benefit that they are lightweight and suitable for the development of unique finishes.

Proving particularly popular are our Green Faux Lead Planter, Fibreglass Trough and Translucent Planters. Other mediums include zinc, ironstone, Terracini and Polystone.